State & Local Tax

State & Local Tax

State and local taxes (SALT) can often equal or exceed a company’s federal tax liability. The lack of uniformity in state tax laws often complicates matters by increasing the complexity of managing operations in multiple locations.

In a climate where most states are in a revenue crunch, state governments are looking for new ways to raise revenue. SALT compliance, particularly in the area of income/franchise and sales/use taxation (including internet commerce), is being enforced with renewed vigor. Uncollected sales tax on e-commerce is currently estimated at $20 billion per year. The state of Florida, along with many other states, has expanded its audit campaign in an attempt to capture this revenue. This aggressive crusade may put your company in financial jeopardy if you are not compliant with existing SALT requirements.

The Daszkal Bolton Advantage

Daszkal Bolton dedicates resources exclusively to SALT matters. Our in-house SALT team provides consultative services, as well as assistance in managing the consequences of operating or expanding into multiple jurisdictions. Our experts specialize exclusively in state and local taxation with a primary focus on income/franchise, sales/use and transactional taxes. We also provide audit defense services for individuals and corporations. We assist our clients on a multistate level, with immediate access to national resources through our affiliation with AGN International and other strategic alliances.

Whether you are an individual, own a startup business or have an established company, we help ensure that you are in compliance with the myriad of state tax laws. Daszkal Bolton will work with you to maximize your profit and available tax credits while minimizing your SALT burden.

Our Services Include:

  • SALT review to identify appropriate strategies to minimize overall liability
  • Restructuring business operations to minimize tax liabilities
  • Review transactional taxes to identify strategies that limit liability
  • Determination of tax credits/incentives to minimize liability
  • Reverse audits to identify missed savings/refund opportunities
  • Representation of corporations in state tax audits
  • Provide expert witness testimony on complex tax matters
  • Representation of individuals with personal income tax audits on change of residency to Florida from states with personal income tax

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