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Change is the only constant in today’s competitive business environment. Businesses that deftly adapt to shifting market conditions, personnel changes, and new technology position themselves for steady growth and long-term success. To do so requires the experience and steadiness of financial professionals and trusted advisers who understand the daily pressures of the C-Suite.

By objectively evaluating your business, Daszkal Bolton’s Accounting Services team helps you see the “big picture” from an accounting perspective. We provide the high-level guidance you would expect from your own Chief Financial Officer in areas such as accounting, financial reporting, and record keeping, plus highly tailored advice on the efficacy of your financial staff, department policies and controls, audit readiness, technology, and other operational functions.

  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Review
  • Cash Flow Management
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Staff Evaluation
  • On Boarding & Training
  • Month-end Closings
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Loan Assistance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Due Diligence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Tax Preparation
  • Litigation Support
  • IRS Problem Resolution

Problem Solvers for Your Business

As a business owner, how can you ensure your financial team is functioning at its highest level? What is their individual highest and best use? Are you accurately measuring their productivity?

In our experience, owners get distracted with competing priorities and neglect the critical accounting function. An owner may believe a CFO is needed when they really need a comptroller. Similarly, family-run business owners mistakenly believe family members can “grow into” the comptroller or CFO role. They can, but they need guidance, training, tools, and ongoing support from seasoned professionals.

How do your business expenses compare to your competitors? Labor and other costs can vary widely. Daszkal Bolton uses leading software tools to make sure you are in line with industry standards. Having the right tools to stay competitive along with a full-service team of tax, audit, and accounting professionals protects your hard work and supports your long-term prospects for financial success.

If you are starting a new venture or thinking about repositioning staff or seeking financing to grow your business, Daszkal Bolton’s team of former in-house, C-suite, and other financial professionals can help you build a solid financial foundation, operational infrastructure, and a strategic plan that leverages your business’s unique strengths.

Solutions Offered

The DB team evaluates and analyzes your operations, systems, and personnel then provides recommendations to help clarify your hard decisions.

  • Evaluate Finance/Accounting Departments
    Objectively review management and reporting structure, accounting workflows, and processes to optimize performance and efficiencies. Use industry standards, peer, or industry comparisons for competitive analysis.
  • Position for Future Acquisition
    Improve profitability and/or prepare for acquisitions by improving EBITDA and ensuring consistency in operations and procedures. Advise on financing opportunities.
  • Comptroller/CFO Role
    Fill your staff vacancies, short or long term, with high-level strategic guidance and/or specific tasks, roles, functions to help gain greater clarity and insights from your financial data.
  • Oversee Accounting/Bookkeeping
    Add value by ensuring consistency in internal processes, identifying new technology to update operations, and provide oversight to the entire accounting function.
  • Initial setup
    Create a strong infrastructure for a new business venture by implementing customized systems for cash flow management, internal controls, financial reporting, and compliance with local state and federal requirements.
  • Training
    Provide practical tips and formal training to help break old habits and stay up to date on the latest accounting trends. This is especially important for family businesses and small businesses.
  • Repair/Adjust Accounting
    Get on the right track by correcting common mistakes and resolving systemic problems through repairs and adjustments.
  • Onboarding of Accounting Staff
    Evaluate the need for various roles and assist in-house hiring staff with job description objectives and training on your systems.
  • New Software
    Recommendations, setup, conversion, implementation.

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