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Businesses of all sizes can embrace digital technology and transform their processes for greater efficiency and profitability. New ways to track productivity, improve performance, manage risks, and automate operations ensures company leaders can adapt quickly to customer needs and industry trends.

Today, establishing a competitive advantage means more than offering superior products or services; it means innovating every aspect of your organization, from governance to performance to strategic growth. The Digital Advisory team at Daszkal Bolton works with business leaders, investors, senior-level decision-makers, and executives to build trust and value in their technology investments.

Connected to the industry

The Daszkal Bolton Digital Advisory has earned respect and confidence of IT professionals through active participation and leadership in technology and related industry groups. Daszkal Bolton includes the former President of ISACA South Florida (formerly known as Information Systems and Controls Association), which certifies IT professionals with CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISM (Certified Information Security Manager). These well-known and recognized credentials are the foundation of a credible, high-quality information technology audit.

Daszkal Bolton team members work with local universities and serve as adjunct professors teaching accounting information systems and data analytics to help train future leaders and build industry expertise. The firm is committed to supporting industry professionals through networking, collaboration, and education to build long-lasting relationships and add value to every matter.

The Changing Digital Landscape Impacts Your Business

Business disruptions and ongoing regulatory changes have elevated the need for meaningful market intelligence, practical compliance strategies, and enhanced data security. Business leaders must rely on the latest approaches to data analytics, leveraging cloud platforms and applying automation methods to create greater certainty, manage resources, and find new opportunities for their company to stay ahead of competitors.

Technology is core to every business, and ongoing investment and assessment are no longer a luxury. Systems, operations, and information must be safe, secure, and available.

Services to Reduce Risk, Create Efficiencies, and Gain Insights

Reduce Risk

Daszkal Bolton’s top priority is helping our clients build trust and value in their technology. Our multi-disciplined cybersecurity team delivers innovative services so business operations can withstand regulatory scrutiny, accidental threats, and malicious actors within and outside your organization.

Our comprehensive approach finds vulnerabilities and develops customized risk-reduction solutions:

  • Governance
    Helping business leaders create policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards that ensure quality and control;
  • Risk Management
    Using digital tools and techniques such as vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and phishing exercises to assess internal security, mitigate and remediate concerns, provide training, and protect against emerging risks;
  • Compliance
    Advising on conformity with regulatory requirements and assurance frameworks and providing assurances or advice for internal and external stakeholders; navigating best practices with a risk-based approach;
  • Information & Cyber Security
    Assessing, investigating, and mitigating data privacy and security threats, whether on paper or in digital form. Cyber threats should receive periodic review and testing of procedures, policies, training, and technology platforms;
  • Audit
    Offering internal and external examination and reporting to assure stakeholders with SOC reports, HIPAA examinations, and recommending approaches and solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Automate to Create Efficiencies & Save Money

Robotic processes and intelligent automation are transforming traditional business processes in companies of all sizes and providing benefits beyond the bottom line. Automation has gained critical support from employees who prefer meaningful higher-value work and managers relying on fewer employees. Large organizations use Enterprise RPA applications to collect, manage, integrate, and interpret data from multiple business lines. Small and mid-sized companies benefit from open-source programs such as Python and macro-enabled workbooks to automate financial and accounting activities.

The Daszkal Bolton team collaborates with clients to analyze repetitive human-driven tasks to identify automation opportunities. Team members develop customized solutions based on company workflow and output using special software that reads screens, extracts and organizes data, and communicates with other systems. Intelligent automation goes beyond simple routine tasks by using higher-level analytics and parameters to recognize and flag irregularities or to identify trends and patterns.

Business process automation creates efficiencies that can adapt and scale to your growing business. Companies using robotic and intelligent automation report significant savings, improved performance, enhanced data security, and happier employees.

Gain Insights and Foresights for Increased Profitability

It is easier than ever to convert information buried in vendor contracts, supplier agreements, past projects, and proposals into high-value business intelligence. By gathering, digitizing, and organizing company files, leaders can mine data to gain insights and foresights about their operations and better predict trends and forecast growth. Critical business issues such as customer retention and profitability, employee turnover, or supplier costs can be analyzed and used for business planning and decision-making.

Companies rely on Daszkal Bolton to develop and implement data strategies. As accountants and strategic advisors, the team helps clients take full advantage of their existing data stores, such as accounting and operations software, and guides decision-making about new products. Team members work with clients to design and implement systems providing real-time metrics and indicators of risk and opportunity in user-friendly dashboards and reports.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continuously innovate data analytics, primarily for large companies with substantial amounts of data and complex queries. Yet, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a well-conceived data strategy that combines system design, analysis, training, and reporting metrics to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement.

Leveraging technology is more important than ever to create opportunities and manage risks. The Digital Advisory team is ready to assist.

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Roberto Valdez, CPA, CISA, CISM

Director | Digital Advisory

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