Fractional CFO

For many high-growth companies, a part-time CFO – or “fractional CFO” – relationship can give the entrepreneurs involved peace of mind.

Daszkal Bolton offers fractional CFO resources to enable you to focus on building your business. With a fractional CFO from Daszkal Bolton, you can feel assured that your financial accounts, insurance policies, systems selections and other support functions are being well-attended to by seasoned financial professionals. Retaining a financial executive on a part-time or fractional basis enables you to share the expertise and cost of a CFO without adding to your overhead. This affordable solution works well for companies that need expertise periodically, rather than every day.

With our fractional CFO services, you establish a relationship with our executive resource. Our professional will become a part of your team, even if only intermittently. We offer consistency and dependability. Your fractional CFO will work to gain a thorough understanding of your business, your culture and your goals. We seek to become your colleague, and to add strategic value to help your business succeed.

Project professionals generally remain focused on the singular task at hand, whereas our fractional CFO resources are able to identify opportunities and initiatives because of the accumulated knowledge and understanding from having worked with you over a period of time.

For many companies, the value of a fractional or part-time CFO can be found in alleviating some of the pressure on the business owner — enabling the owner to focus on the long-term success of their vision.

A Fractional CFO Can:

  • Take full advantage of an opportunity
  • Plan for growth
  • Budget for the coming year
  • Investigate an acquisition
  • Deal with regulators
  • Assist in the acquisition of bank or equity financing
  • Set up financial reporting systems
  • Spearhead an initiative
  • Reduce expenses
  • Allow you more free time to improve your quality of life

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