Cash Flow Management

Every company has unique challenges, but cash flow management is often among the most important. It is essential for businesses to keep close control over cash collections and disbursements. Cash flow management is one tool to help you maintain that control. A good cash flow management system can improve profits, reduce expenses, protect assets and improve internal functions.

We have the business experience to analyze your cash systems and make practical recommendations on how you are forecasting, receiving, controlling, disbursing and investing funds. We’re committed to helping you manage your cash flow and improve your bottom line.

Whether you are evaluating cash flow management techniques for the first time or fine-tuning a sophisticated existing system, Daszkal Bolton is here to provide you with the expertise and long-term commitment to help you develop and maintain the most cost-effective, efficient cash flow management system possible.

We can evaluate your current situation through analysis of your average collection period, outstanding accounts receivable as a percentage of total revenue and inventory to current assets. As part of our cash flow management services, we prepare a cash flow forecast based on cash on-hand, expected cash disbursements and expected cash receipts. We recommend techniques to enhance cash flow through an evaluation of billing schedule, early payment discounts, credit and collection procedures and deposit of cash receipts. Our evaluation includes suggestions for how best to invest idle funds, including Treasury bills, notes or bonds, federal agency issues, negotiable certificates of deposit and commercial paper, among others.

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