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Business financing is often necessary to fund current operations and for growth through acquisitions, as well as restructuring the existing debt. Even high-growth companies might need access to additional capital to maintain growth or for real estate as well as new equipment. No matter the specific need or company, the services of an experienced financial expert are particularly important for high-growth and middle market businesses. Business financing takes a particular kind of financial understanding, which is why we’ve partnered with WhiteKnight Solutions.

WhiteKnight Solutions, LLC is a strategic partner to Daszkal Bolton and serves as a partner to businesses that want to make intelligent choices when it comes to securing business financing. Whiteknight Solutions is an independently owned entity committed to providing businesses with financial consulting that incorporates strategic planning into financing resource decisions to ensure a focus on operational goals. Finance your company’s current operations, experience growth through acquisitions and restructure existing debt.

One Size Business Financing Does Not Fit All

WhiteKnight Solutions understands the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs in today’s business environment. Whether your business goal is big or small, long- or short-term, we look beyond the traditional term loan option and create a solution that meets your needs. The business financing obtained by WhiteKnight Solutions is customized specifically to your company’s financial plan. Whether growing through acquisition, divesting to increase shareholder value, raising capital or restructuring debt, WhiteKnight Solutions tailors its services to meet your goals.

WhiteKnight Solutions was founded upon four core values that drive every aspect of its business and continue to differentiate it from its competitors:

  • Market Focus: Our clear focus is on the lower middle market and the unique issues in business financing that exist in this arena.
  • Dedicated Analysis: We commit resources up-front to understand the value drivers for each business. This results in a more effective and successful process.
  • Selective Appraisal: We’re selective. If we accept a business financing engagement, we’re confident that we are able to accomplish the desired objectives.
  • Senior Level Attention: Every process is owned by a senior level professional. Clients can trust that we have the experience to get the job done.

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