Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Through the use of forensic accounting procedures, we offer litigation support to assist attorneys, their clients, and the courts on complex legal matters. From commercial litigation to family and probate, and bankruptcy, we have the dedicated resources to offer expertise to your case.

At Daszkal Bolton, we take a proactive approach to resolving the financial aspects of business and personal disputes in advance of litigation. We use creative thinking and work with mediators and arbitrators in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to reach an acceptable financial solution outside the courtroom whenever possible.

Business Law

A forensic accountant’s role is as diverse as commercial and civil matters are broad. The key to successful litigation support is comprehensive planning, relevant technical knowledge, substantial experience, targeted communication and a viable team approach. Our forensic accounting group has served as a bridge between counsel and client as well as the court in complex matters such as:

  • Economic damages
  • Wrongful discharge of employment
  • Shareholder derivative disputes
  • Business interruption
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud, including tax fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Professional malpractice

Family/Marital Law

An accurate and objective valuation of individual assets, liabilities, net worth, income, and lifestyle needs can provide a solid foundation for the legal arrangements that shape individual lives, both of the parties and their children, for years to come. We offer experienced, realistic and objective presentations of the financial facts of each case.

We serve as a bridge between the attorney and client on many types of financial issues, including:

  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Post-judgment matters
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Modification of alimony or child support issues
  • Potential marital tax fraud and innocent/injured spouse considerations

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Corpororate and Internal Investigations

  • Corporate Internal Investigations
  • Fraud Examinations
  • Asset Recovery Services
  • Dispute Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Fraud Prevention Seminars & Training
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Data Mining & Electronic Discovery
  • Corporate Compliance Monitorships
  • Fraud and Compliance Seminars & Training

Individual & Corporate Tax Accounting

  • Individual, Trust, and Estate
  • S-Corp & C-Corp, Partnership
  • Year-end Tax Planning and Estimated Tax
  • Taxation of Executive Compensation
  • Reasonable Compensation Estimates
  • Retirement Savings Planning
  • Employer Retirement Plan Development

Forensic Accounting services represent a key competency of our accounting firm and based on our team’s professional expertise in litigation and expert witness experience. When you need proven expertise of both legal and financial consultation, the CPA’s and forensic accounting professionals at Daszkal Bolton are ready to protect your rights.

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