Business Valuations

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    We help business owners and executives understand the true value of their business and the key drivers affecting its worth. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

    Our business valuations provide a greater understanding of your business’ value over time and will aid you and affected entities make informed decisions in crucial times. Situations such as succession planning, mergers and acquisitions or buy/sell agreements would all benefit from calculating the business’ value. Industry standards dictate that a comprehensive business valuation should be performed every five years or whenever a business faces a significant change in circumstances.

    Business Valuation Expertise

    Independent business valuations of privately held businesses, intangible assets, or other investments are judged on the expertise of the valuation analysts involved and their ability to communicate and defend their conclusion of value. Our Daszkal Bolton valuation professionals have the necessary credentials and experience to provide corporate business valuations for a wide variety of businesses and interests. Experienced and competent business valuation professionals approach each engagement from a comprehensive business perspective to clearly communicate conclusions and calculations of value.

    At Daszkal Bolton, our experienced business valuations professionals hold credentials from the major certifying bodies, including:

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    Key Contacts

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