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How to Prevent a Struggling Business from Crumbling

Once upon a time, Crumbs Bake Shop was the sweetheart of New York City. It started in 2003 as a mom-and-pop bakery on New York’s Upper West Side and eventually grew into the nation’s largest cupcake retailer, peaking at 70…

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Seeking Competitive Terms for Business Loans

Recently, commercial banks have become increasingly competitive in seeking business loans. They have begun to offer very attractive loan facilities. A recent New York Times article, Small Businesses Are Finding Bank Loans Easier to Come By, illustrates this national trend…

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Tax Court Cautionary Tale: Classifying Workers as Contractors

The issue of whether workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors for federal employment tax purposes has been a source of controversy for decades. The saga continues. This article summarizes a recent Tax Court decision on the classification…

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IRS Shores Up Its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS is using both a “carrot” and a “stick” to encourage more taxpayers living overseas and those with undisclosed foreign financial accounts to comply with U.S. tax obligations. The tax agency recently announced immediate changes in its Offshore Voluntary…

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