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Office Depot Foundation Client Testimonial

Office Depot Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organization, reflects the values of Office Depot and its associates. The Foundation supports “programs that enhance quality of life for children, strengthen communities, encourage local and international economic growth, and empower schools and non-profit organizations.”

The Office Depot Foundation mission is “Listen Learn Care.”

Daszkal Bolton is proud to provide audit and tax services to Office Depot Foundation through our not-for-profit practice.

In these short videos, Mary Wong, President of Office Depot Foundation, shares insight into the organization’s relationship with Daszkal Bolton.

How has Daszkal Bolton helped the Office Depot Foundation?

What are the Office Depot Foundation’s experiences with Daszkal Bolton?

What is the Daszkal Bolton difference?

Why did you choose Daszkal Bolton as your provider of accounting and tax services?

Would you recommend Daszkal Bolton to other foundations?